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You get two software licenses with each installation. Both licenses are tracked by the serial number of the associated controller. One is with any PC that is connected to the CNC controller (Imbedded CLU License). The second is a License that can be installed on any PC independent of it being connected to a controller (PC License).

The PC license can be activated on any single PC by going to the license key menu

and activating the PC license with the 26 character license key you have been given by your software provider. Note that many times the license key is in an e-mail or on the back of your controller. Once an instance of a license key is activated on one PC, it is not available for use on another PC. If you want to transfer it to another PC, then you must first deactivate it using the same licensing screen. Once deactivated, the license is available for use on another PC. If you want the software available on more than one PC, additional instances of you PC license can be purchased from your software provider.

You must be connected to the internet when activating and deactivating a PC license.  Once the license is activated, you do not need an internet connection.

Here a a video demonstrating activating a PC license: