Flashcut CNC Newsletter - August 2009
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Welcome to FlashCut CNC's redesigned bimonthly newsletter. This newsletter is designed to bring you up to date news on all the exciting new developments here at FlashCut. Included is information on new products, software, news, and other services.

FlashCut CNC Future Engineers Scholarship 2009 Winners Announced

Using money raised by its first annual Bike-to-Work Challenge, FlashCut CNC started a scholarship at a local high school to encourage students to continue studying engineering and science. FlashCut CNC is a firm believer that a strong technical education will lead students to rewarding careers that will benefit both the community and the economy.

This year’s scholarship winners were two women that were chosen based on their interests related to science and engineering. One scholarship winner will be majoring in math and physics at Carlton College, and the other winner will be studying engineering at Case Western University. We wish them the best of luck in their studies.

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FlashCut Launches
New Website

In order to streamline information between FlashCut and our customers, we have rebuilt our website from the ground up. The new site includes detailed information of our controls, software, retrofits, machines, and accessories to better help you match a FlashCut product to your needs. It also includes downloads, videos and customer applications. 

We also added an innovative quote request process. This allows you to browse through our website and add the items you are interested in along with information on your needs into your quote just like you would add items to an online shopping cart. This gets sent to one of our application specialists who will then send back a quote tailored for your needs. 

Our new Applications section showcases what our customers have done with FlashCut machines and controls. If you have a FlashCut success story you want to share with others or want to share your experience in dealing with FlashCut CNC you can email us at sales@flashcutcnc.com.

Visit us at www.FlashCutCNC.com to learn more.

FlashCut CNC Introduces its New 3000 Mini Mill

The FlashCut CNC 3000 Mini Mill takes desktop machining to the next level in terms of size, accuracy, and speed while maintaining an affordable price. Its large 14" x 11" x 15" travel, precision anti-backlash lead screws and strong but light dove-tail aluminum construction makes the 3000 mill the perfect table-top CNC mill. Engineered and built in the USA, FlashCut’s 3000 Mini Mill is available with both our powerful stepper and servo controls along with our world renowned software.

You can take a look at the detailed specs here.

The 3000 Mini Mill is perfect for precision rapid prototyping, light production, engraving, printed circuit board fabrication, and many other uses. This mill is also great in a classroom or lab setting. It easily cuts metal (including steel), plastic, wood and foam. 4th and 5th axis versions are also available along with a huge assortment of accessories.

For more information on the 3000 mill email sales@flashcutcnc.com or check out the website at www.flashcutcnc.com