Through our many years of CAD/CAM CNC Software experience, we have developed the following CAD/CAM CNC software applications that offer our clients the highest quality products with excellent technical support at an affordable price. VisualMILL, RhinoCAM and VisualMILL for SolidWorks are next generation Solid/Surface/STL manufacturing packages. Each product type will allow you to utilize your initial product design to develop a physical part—all by using your Windows-based PC.

And, we are now offering a 10% discount, to both new and existing customers, on any one of our CAD/CAM software products. Please call us for more promotion details. 

Computer Aided Manufacturing converts the CAD file's geometry or command into tool-paths that can be understood by your machine. The command language for tool-paths is called G-Code. Flashcut uses G-Code instructions to control your machine tool to make 2-D and 3-D parts. For creating simple 2-D parts, (parts with consistent XY cross sections) Flashcut can automatically translate a DXF file into industry standard G-Code without the use of CAM. If the part has complex 3-D surfaces, you will need a CAM program to generate the G-Code. CAM programs integrate directly with CAD packages so that you do not have to reenter your geometry. We offer two popular and successful CAM software packages, DeskProto & VisualMill. Both software packages are extremely user friendly and produce excellent gouge-free tool-paths (for more information see our pages on these great software packages).