OEM Solutions

Successful Partnerships with OEM’s & Distributors of Fabrication Machines

FlashCut is an experienced partner  for OEM’s and Distributors of all kinds.  Our engineers and application specialists have a proven track record of tailoring our controls and accessories for our customer’s specific applications, making them clear leaders within their industry. These custom solutions span a variety of applications and industries including:

Become #1 In Your Industry

Whether you are launching a new product or upgrading controls on an existing product, our sales and engineering team will work closely with you to tailor the perfect CNC control package for your machine.  Our services include:

  • Tailored, integrated control packages consisting of software, electronics, motors, cabling and accessories.
  • Dependable, flexible inventory management
  • On time deliveries – always
  • High quality and standards at a reasonable cost
  • The best customer support in the business
  • Engineered the support out of the product
  • Kaizen (continuous improvement) from day 1
  • Satisfied, successful end users
  • Private labeling and customization of our software and controls so that you can have your own look and feel with the quality and experience of FlashCut CNC behind it all.

Trusted Partner with Quality Throughout

Because your success is our success, we provide you with the highest quality CNC controls and software. Whether you’re selling thousands, hundreds, or just a few systems, you’ll benefit from the quality of our intuitive user-interface and unparalleled engineered CNC controls. Our experienced team of engineers provides prompt and knowledgeable support that is invaluable in today’s competitive marketplace. With over 23 years of CNC control engineering experience, FlashCut CNC stands out as a name that is trusted and well respected.

Learn how FlashCut CNC can help you transform your application into an industry leader.