Powerful CNC Router Controllers, Tailored for your CNC Router Table

FlashCut CNC controllers and integrated CAD/CAM software for CNC routers are highly acclaimed by many professionals, workshops and schools due to their economical cost and ease of use without compromising power and features found in world-class CNC machines.FlashCut CNC has a comprehensive product line and the engineering expertise to build a custom CNC router table kit for your unique CNC router application. Our integrated CAD/CAM software allows you to easily design parts and create a full 3D toolpath automatically and efficiently. Our world-renowned CNC Control software allows you to then cut these precision parts with incredibly smooth multi-axis motion.

cnc router controller software

FlashCut CAD/CAM Software and CNC Router Controller Features

  • Go from design to toolpath to cutting intricate, accurate parts in one package.
  • Design signs and 2.5D parts with powerful CAD tools, DXF import, image import, and shape library.
  • Integrated CAM automatically creates tool paths for 2D profiling, 2.5D cutting, and 3D sculpting.
  • Easily import 3D STL files for automatic toolpath generation.
  • Precision CNC Router control with 3, 4, and 5 axis simultaneous interpolated motion.
  • Automatic tool change support for linear and carousel tool racks.
  • Spindle speed control.

What is a CNC Router Controller?

A CNC router controller is the brain of a CNC machine. It consists of tightly coupled software and electronics and orchestrates precise movement of the motors and cables connected to the CNC Router machine.
FlashCut’s high-performance microstepping and digital servo CNC router controllers ensure consistent uninterrupted motion which makes a huge difference in the overall cutting process and the final results.

Guitar Cutting On Router

CNC Router Advantages:

  • Ability to perform high-precision delicate cuts.
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of materials, such as wood, aluminum, foam, plastic, and much more.
  • CNC routers and engraving machines are highly flexible, and with high-end control software, there are almost no limits.

FlashCut has powerful control software for other 2D and 3D technologies, including milling machines, 3D printers, knife cutting machines, laser and other CNC applications.


Powerful CNC Controls for Routers

We have many options for adding state of the art CNC controllers and software for router tables. Whether you are doing light industrial or heavy production, our complete line of state-of-the-art micro stepper controls and closed-loop servo controls along with perfectly matched motors will drive your CNC machine with precision, power and ease.

cnc router controller

FlashCut CNC offers a complete line of accessories that will enhance the capabilities of your CNC Router table including a joystick pendant for ultimate convenience, limit switches for homing and to protect from over travel, relay boxes for tuning on and off devices such as a spindle or vacuum and many more.

Part Number
Part Name

8 Channel Relay Box

8 Channel Relay Board with cable for connection to Signal Generator Board...

I/O Connector Kit for Mini I/O Expansion Board

I/O Connector Kit for Mini I/O Expansion Board includes 18 pin MFJ connector and contacts...

Digital & Analog I/O Expansion Board for USB Signal Generator

Adds 24 inputs, 24 outputs, analog ins and outs to Signal Generator and Pro Series Control...

Mini IO Expansion Board

Easily adds 1 analog, 1 PWM & 2 relay outputs, 1 analog & 1 quadrature encoder or ...

Control Pendant with Joystick

24-function and 8-direction joystick pendant with programmable functions such as jogging a...

Universal Relay Box

Convenient metal enclosure with 2 switched 110-240 VAC relays and 2 contact relays...

35' 6 Pair Limit switch cable

Plugs directly into input port of FlashCut CNC Controller for easy connection to most inpu...

(5) Miniature Switches

Set of 5 miniature switches for general limit or home input lines....

Laser Pointer and Software Support with 35ft Cable(A-la-carte feature)

Laser pointer w/ 35' cable plus software support. Great for dry runs and plate alignment....

Programmable Pendant Board (A-la-carte feature)

Programmable matrix board that allows you to add up to 144 physical switches to your contr...

Laser Pointer and Software Support with 60ft Cable (A-la-carte feature)

Laser pointer w/ 60' cable plus software support. Great for dry runs and plate alignment....

Laser Pointer and Software Support with 25ft cable (A-la-carte feature)


CAD/CAM/CNC Software for CNC Router Machines

FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC Software allows you to design parts, generate tool paths and 3D cut using one intuitive interface.

The world’s easiest 2.5D CAD for milling and routing

guitar V8 CAD
  • Easily create simple or complex shapes from lines/arcs/polylines/ circles/ellipses/splines.
  • Powerful import of 2D and 3D files.
  • Shape library allows you to instantly draw and customize common shapes.
  • Easily create a pocket, profile or an island from any feature.

FlashCut’s 3D CAM creates accurate toolpaths instantly

CAM Guitar 2.5D Toolpath and simulation
  • Full 3D Simulation proves out your toolpath before you cut.
  • Support for multiple tools and multiple operations.
  • Create roughing, finishing and profiling operations in a snap.
  • State of the art algorithms for creating efficient toolpaths.
  • True shape nesting of production parts
  • Easily add and manipulate fixturing tabs.

Powerful CNC control and visualization

guitar V8 CNC
  • Full 3D Solid Model Simulation while you cut.
  • Pan and zoom on multiple viewports while cutting.
  • Real time DRO’s.
  • Go from toolpath to CNC control in one click.
  • Full G-Code editor.
  • State of the art control features like continuous contouring, unlimited look-ahead, jump to line, run backwards.
Part Number
Part Name

FlashCut 2.5D/3D CAD/CAM/CNC V10 for Mills & Routers

The world's easiest to use 2.5D CAD and 3D CAM for milling and routing applications....

Auto Tool Change Software Add-On Version 10

Support for most auto tool changers for mills and routers including linear rack and rotary...

Knife Cutting Software V10-Add-on

Knife cutting support includes a multitude of blade and creasing wheel options....

Collision Avoidance Software V10-Add-On

CAM feature to re-route rapid moves to avoid possible tip-ups....

Advanced G-Code File Management V10-Add-On

Lets you automatically load and run a g-code from a bar-code or folder location....

CNC Router Table Retrofits

FlashCut CNC Retrofit Kits are low cost and easy to install with unrivaled CNC performance. Your CNC Router will run better and be easier to use with FlashCut CNC controls. Our CNC router table kits combine the latest technology using our robust and powerful Stepper or Servo Controls and Motors.

With our state-of-the-art CNC Control Kits, you can bring life back to your CNC machine and make it a smarter version of the dependable workhorse it once was. We have successfully retrofitted router tables from Thermwood®, Laguna®, Precix®, Camaster®, MultiCam®, Techno®, Shop Saber®, and many others.