FlashCut CNC started with a concept back in 1993 when the co-founders, Ron Worth, PhD and Rick Pfaff, two Stanford University graduates, incorporated their first product design and manufacturing company in Silicon Valley, CA. Rick had studied manufacturing systems while Ron was involved with innovative research in the area of rapid prototyping. In just a short period of time, the business resulted in several widely distributed patented products. However, it was the frustration they faced during the product development process that provided them with the business model for FlashCut CNC. Ron and Rick found the existing prototyping process to be extremely costly and time consuming. They saw an opportunity to develop a user-friendly, economical alternative to expensive CNC machine tools. This led to a two year R&D effort to create the original Windows-based, hands-on, inexpensive control system now known as FlashCut CNC.

Since then, FlashCut CNC has manufactured and sold tens of thousands of CNC control systems, retrofits and machines worldwide. And, with our headquarters now centrally located in the Chicago area and a full team of innovative engineers, FlashCut CNC is positioned for even more growth as we continue to bring progressive solutions and technological advancements to the automation industry.