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CNC Water Jet Controllers: Cut with FlashCut's Precision Controls and Integrated Waterjet Nesting Software

Go from design to tool path to full CNC water jet control, including advanced cornering, pump, and abrasive controls. The FlashCut CNC water jet cutting process provides everything you need in a high performance control system to streamline the creation of precision parts. Our automatic placement of lead-ins along with our ability to automatically nest parts makes tool path generation a snap.
cnc water jet cutting control

Our Features for CNC Waterjet Cutting

  • Corner slowdown and small arc slowdown
  • Multiple pierce options: straight, wiggle, circular
  • Corner looping for clean corners
  • Support for low pressure mode for glass, marble and other delicate materials prevents cracking
  • Separate pierces and cuts
  • Adjustable control of low and high-pressure of water and abrasive
  • Support the operation of multiple simultaneous waterjets fab-heads
  • Advanced formula calculates cut parameters based on material, thickness, abrasive and pump pressure
  • Torque based zero sensing (Servo Only)

How does a CNC Water Jet work?

Waterjet cutting machines use a high-pressure jet of water or a combination of water and an abrasive substance to cut a wide variety of materials. CNC waterjet cutting is an excellent CNC application that produces extremely accurate parts. You can cut materials of any type, such as metal, plastic, wood, foam, glass, granite, and even food.

Advantages of CNC Water Jet Cutting

  • Can cut into virtually any kind of material
  • Does not overheat the material adjacent to the cut thus maintaining its form.
  • Produces no hazardous waste
  • Highly accurate
  • Clean cut that normally does not require secondary finishing
  • Can cut thick materials

FlashCut offers tailored controls for other 2D cutting technologies such as plasma, oxyfuel, and laser.

Powerful and Tailored CNC Water Jet Controllers

We have many options for adding state of the art CNC controllers, motors and cables to your water jet table. Our smooth and precise motion control system will give you accurate, smooth parts with the sharpest of detail.
Our controls work along with advanced cornering tied in with carefully orchestrated control of your jet stream. We offer complete micro stepper and closed-loop servo CNC solutions to drive your cutting machine with precision, power, and ease.

cnc water jet controllers

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See Our Controls Options

Part Number
Part Name

Digital & Analog I/O Expansion Board for USB Signal Generator

Adds 24 inputs, 24 outputs, analog ins and outs to Signal Generator and Pro Series Control...

Mini IO Expansion Board

Easily adds 1 analog, 1 PWM & 2 relay outputs, 1 analog & 1 quadrature encoder or ...

Control Pendant with Joystick

24-function and 8-direction joystick pendant with programmable functions such as jogging a...

8 Channel Relay Box

8 Channel Relay Board with cable for connection to Signal Generator Board...

Universal Relay Box

Convenient metal enclosure with 2 switched 110-240 VAC relays and 2 contact relays...

25' 5 Pair Limit switch cable

Plugs directly into input port of FlashCut CNC Controller for easy connection to most inpu...

35' 6 Pair Limit switch cable

Plugs directly into input port of FlashCut CNC Controller for easy connection to most inpu...

(5) Miniature Switches

Set of 5 miniature switches for general limit or home input lines....

Joystick Plus Pendant Board (A-la-carte feature)

8 position joystick for jogging in the XY plane including 45 degree angles....

Programmable Pendant Board (A-la-carte feature)

Programmable matrix board that allows you to add up to 144 physical switches to your contr...

I/O Connector Kit for Mini I/O Expansion Board

I/O Connector Kit for Mini I/O Expansion Board includes 18 pin MFJ connector and contacts...

I/O Connector Kit for Classic I/O Expansion Board


Waterjet Nesting Software

Going from Drawing to Toolpath to Cutting has never been easier. FlashCut’s integrated CAD/CAM/CNC for Waterjet makes it easy to draw a part or import it from DXF or an image and then turn it into a tool path with intelligently placed lead-ins, add perfect kerf compensation, and automatically nest... ready to cut in on your water jet cutting machine with ease.


Make the most out of your time, your materials, and your machine. Our water jet software automatically nests parts to ensure exact results and accurate parts while maintaining high performance.
FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC software has other great built-in or a-la-carte features for waterjet such as collision avoidance and advanced file management for job scheduling in high production shops.

Part Number
Part Name

FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC V9 Pro for Laser


Advanced File Management (A-la-carte feature)

Lets you automatically load and run a g-code from a bar-code or folder location....

Collision Avoidance

CAM feature to re-route rapid moves to avoid possible tip-ups....

FlashCut CAD/CAM Nesting and Part Numbers


FlashCut CAD/CAM Nesting Report

The world's easiest to use 2.5D CAD and 3D CAM for milling and routing applications....

FlashCut CNC Waterjet Retrofits

Breathe new life into your existing Waterjet table. FlashCut CNC retrofits are simple and powerful. In most cases, you will be up and running within a day with the latest and greatest integrated FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC waterjet cutting technology. Retrofits save you time and money with more productivity and less maintenance. In most cases, purchasing a retrofit is more economical than buying a new table.

We have successfully retrofitted hundreds of CNC waterjet machines like Omax®, Flow®, Calypso®, Jet-Edge® and others.