Simple, yet powerful integrated CAD/CAM software for CNC Machines

Go from Drawing to Toolpath to Cutting all in one Integrated CAD/CAM/CNC Software

  • FlashCut CAD’s intuitive user  interface makes it simple to draw and edit any 2D and 2.5D shape
  • Simple import of any 2D drawing
  • Convert any bitmap image or photo into a toolpath (outline or centerline)
  • Advanced Boolean operations like welding multiple shapes into one
  • Shape library allows you to instantly draw and customize common shapes
  • DXF export for sharing drawings with other CAD programs
  • Fix tool finds and corrects CAD mistakes instantly
  • Easily bridge internal cut outs such as the center of an “O”

Our intuitive CAM Software creates accurate toolpaths instantly

  • FlashCut 2D and 3D CAM generates perfect toolpaths for plasma, oxyfuel waterjetlaser, or marking
  • Automatic generation and simple manipulation of lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Automatic generation of fixture tabs
  • Automatic kerf compensation
  • Simple import of DXF or DWG files
  • Sheet management for multiple sheets per job
  • Advanced true shape nesting includes nesting of multiple CAD or DXF files and multi-sheet nesting
  • Corner looping strategies for reducing dross in corners
  • Editable plasma and oxyfuel charts for many models from Hypertherm® and Thermal Dynamics® and other popular models takes the guesswork out of important cutting parameters like feedrate, kerf, cut height and voltage

There are many varieties of FlashCut CAD/CAM to suit your unique needs, budget or application. The chart below outlines the differences between  our Standard and Pro versions of the software. It also includes a-la-carte features that can be added to either the Standard or Pro editions for an additional fee.

  • Standard CAD/CAM/CNC - Includes enough features to easily draw or import parts in CAD, make efficient tool paths in CAM and cut parts accurately in CNC
  • Pro CAD/CAM/CNC - Everything in the Standard version plus many other features for the professional such as shading and multi-layer management in CAD, True-Shape Nesting and advanced lead-in management in CAM, and auto lead-in on restart in CNC to name a few.
  • A-la-carte features - Special features for demanding applications such as Smart360 hole cutting technology and dynamic vent zones.  Also includes targeted features that are only included in application specific versions such as water jet, laser and HPR plasma.