FlashCut 2.5D/3D CAD/CAM/CNC V10 for Mills & Routers


FlashCut 2.5D/3D CAD/CAM/CNC Pro featuring full integration with FlashCut CNC Control Software. Features include:

The world’s easiest 2.5D CAD for milling and routing

  • Easily create simple or complex shapes from lines/arcs/polylines/ circles/ellipses/splines
  • Powerful import of 2D and 3D files
  • Shape library allows you to instantly draw and customize common shapes.
  • Easily create a pocket, profile or an island from any feature

FlashCut’s 3D CAM creates accurate toolpaths instantly

  • Full 3D Simulation proves out your toolpath before you cut.
  • Support for multiple tools and multiple operations.
  • Create roughing, finishing and profiling operations in a snap.
  • State of the art algorithms for creating efficient toolpaths.
  • True shape nesting of production parts
  • Easily add and manipulate fixturing tabs.

Powerful CNC control and visualization

  • Full 3D Solid Model Simulation while you cut
  • Pan and zoom on multiple viewports while cutting.
  • Real time DRO’s
  • Go from toolpath to CNC control in one click.
  • Full G-Code editor
  • State of the art control features like continuous contouring, unlimited look-ahead, jump to line, run backwards