Enhanced HPR Support

Now you can use FlashCut’s intuitive, powerful and integrated CAD/CAM/CNC interface to control Hypertherm HPR plasma systems.  The new interface has been engineered to give you seamless access to all of the HPR controls, commands and messages, so you can cut precision parts with high definition plasma quickly and easily. 

  • Supports HPR® 130, 260, 400, 800 Plasma Systems
  • RS-422 connection provides seamless communication between the FlashCut interface and HPR® system
  • Auto-gas control for mixing the plasma and shield gases
  • GUI control of amperage and pressure
  • Separate amperage settings for ramping and full speed cutting
  • Seamlessly change from marking to cutting settings on the fly
  • Integrated cut charts for HPR® and HSD™ families
  • Compatible with FlashCut Pro-Series and Titanium Controllers
  • Real-time diagnostics shows torch status and history of error messages and important parameters