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Easily Draw Accurate Pipe Features in CAD

Pipe Cutting CAD/CAM/CNC

  • Round, square and rectangular pipe support.
  • Pipe shape wizard makes perfect cuts for mating pipes of any diameter with a multitude of joints at any angle and any size including T joints, end caps, miter joints, Y joints and through pipes.
  • Pipe sizing wizard automatically sets OD, and thickness of standard pipe sizes.
  • 3D solid model of pipe joints includes disassembly to preview what both sides of the joint will look like.
  • Flattened view allows for easy design of custom patters of any shape including slots and text.
  • “Ghost 2D views” show feature wrapping with no interruption.
  • Fully rotatable solid model view.

Tailor Toolpaths and Nest in a Snap with CAM

Pipe Nesting CAM

  • Easily nest multiples of the same or different parts, minimizing pipe or tube scrap.
  • Toolpath automatically generated in CAM using parameters and cut charts from cutting head.
  • Simple graphical manipulation of lead ins and lead outs.
  • Embedded cut charts precisely set feedrates, cut heights, peirce times, kerf compensation and target voltages for any size pipe. 

Cut Accurate Parts With Confidence in CNC

CNC Pipe Cutting

  • G-Code automatically generated.
  • Full 3D visualization of rotary toolpath in CNC module while pipe is being cut.
  • Flat sheet option for cutting unwrapped pipes and tubes.
  • No-Cut zones account for chuck, fixture and roller locations – preventing roller burning or jamming.
  • Stingray Torch Height Control ensures clean cuts regardless of the accuracy of the stock pipe.


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