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FlashCut CNC V4.5 Software Included with Every Controller

The FlashCut CNC software is easy to use, yet has a powerful operator control panel that puts all of the machine control at your fingertips. It has been meticulously engineered to work seamlessly with 64 and 32 bit versions of Windows 10, 8 & 7, Vista and XP, without changing sensitive operating system parameters. It dynamically displays the tool path while sending real time motion commands to the Signal Generator over a high speed USB connection for smooth, dependable, accurate motion on most PC's or Laptops. It is also easily configurable for all types of machines.

FlashCut CNC Version 4.5 Control Software

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Highlights of What's New in Version 4.5:

Our latest architecture can generate 5 axes of simultaneous movement, giving you the ability to machine undercuts at any angle without re-fixturing. Our graphical configuration screens make it easy to match your 5 axis machine to the FlashCut control.

Our configuration wizard takes the guesswork out of configuring FlashCut to match your machine. Within a few minutes you can start making accurate parts using the machine and accessories you purchased.

Whether you have a ball screw, rack and pinion, belt drive, acme screw or all of the above, version 4.0 has easy, graphical menus to let you input your mechanical specs to automatically calculate the resolution of each microstep or servo encoder tic.

Am I climb milling or conventional milling at this feature? Just reveal the direction arrows and you will never need to ask this question again.

Have you ever wanted to re-run a section of your program, or back up to where a tool broke? Now it is one click away by running the toolpath in reverse at any point.

The general size of each toolpath is just a mouse click away with our G-Code File Properties Window. If your program goes outside of the machine tool envelope, it will even tell you on what line of your program and by how much it goes outside, saving you all of the sleuth work. If you are using our Tool Life Management feature, it will also tell you if the tool will reach its end of life during any program.

Our DXF import is smarter than ever, saving you time and costly mistakes. It can automatically determine the direction of a tool offset. It can also calculate a cutting order that prevents cutting a section of a part that has already been cut free from its fixture.

Version 4.0 has graphical menu driven "Cycles" that will save you hours of time by automatically writing G-Code for common operations. There are currently Cycles for: Rectangular pocketing; Text engraving in any True-Type font, Face milling; And a myriad of bolt-hole patterns from circular to rectangular to any custom defined pattern you need. 

You can easily teach your machine a tool path by jogging to a series of points and adding them to the Teach Panel. Your resulting program can be saved as a G-Code File for future use.

You can now create buttons on the main screen to run G-Code Macros and control any output line.

While the machine is cutting you can slide the spindle speed to wherever you need, preventing unwanted tool marks.

Version 4.0 shows a very accurate estimate of how long it will take to run an entire program. The progress meter shows you how much time remains, allowing you to plan out your production or prototyping day accordingly. 

FlashCut can tell you when a tool has hit the end of its useful life, thus reducing the number of broken tools and out of tolerance parts.

You can easily create variables and counters that can be edited on the main screen and referenced in your G-Code file. You can watch the updated values while your part is running, making it easy to keep track of program progess.

An input line can load and run a g-code file making shop floor production as simple as flipping a switch. Any number of input lines can be assigned to different program files.


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Version 4.5 New Feature List:

Motion Control

  • Full 5-axis support (simultaneous or indexing toolpaths)
  • Ability to jog an axis while G-Code is running
  • Advanced contouring (smoothes tangential line-arc transitions and multiple lines)
  • Automatic smoothing of linear move sequences in point-to-point G-Code files
  • Configurable automatic delays at corners
  • Option to automatically raise Z axis after feed hold
  • Support for G93/G94 (feedrate interpretation)
  • Added safe move performed at specified feedrate (G29.1)
  • Multi-core processing

Machine Configuration

  • Configuration wizard makes setting up your machine very easy
  • New Drive Parameters configuration panel with detailed settings per drive mechanism type
  • Support for hotwire and wire EDM machines

I/O Control

  • M-Codes automatically executed:
    • At the beginning/end of motion
    • At the beginning/end of ramping
    • Before/after homing each axis
    • When specific input lines are tripped
    • When connecting/disconnecting with the Signal Generator
  • Support more wiring options for home/limit switches such as 2 switches in series on one axis


  • DXF import improvements
    • Smart application of cutter compensation
    • Smart cutting order (cut innermost features first)
    • New options for assigning program zero location relative to DXF coordinate system
    • G90 vs. G91 style G-Code
    • Option to combine DXF layers into single layer
    • Option to return to program zero or not at end of file
    • Option to turn off most controls and displays on main screen
  • Teach controls for teaching a series of points
  • Cycles control panel provides simple CAM dialogs for:
    • Pocketing
    • Facing
    • Engraving (any TrueType font)
    • Drilling/punching holes
  • G-Codes for engraving, including support for custom-designed fonts (G140/G141)
  • Branch G-Code based on state of input lines (using IF-THEN blocks)
  • Any custom cycle added to the system as a plug-in (written in any .NET language)
  • Improved support for Fanuc G-Code

User Interface – Instant Information

  • Foreign language support including Spanish and Portuguese
  • Very accurate runtime estimate
  • Viewport improvements
    • Mouse wheel support
    • Right mouse click menu
    • Clear Trace menu command
    • Zoom window command
  • Direction arrows
  • Option for output lines always displayed on main screen
  • Counters available in G-Code (e.g. to count parts made, G150/G151)
  • User variables (editable on main screen, used in G-Code files)
  • Main screen display units (English/metric) may be different than configuration units
  • Support for "hidden" axes (eg. rotary axis used in tool changer doesn't appear on main screen)

User Interface – Fingertip Control

  • Run G-Code file backwards
  • Option for main screen buttons that run G-Code macros
  • Spindle speed slider active while file is running


  • Tool life management
  • Support for restricting motion to a safe working envelope defined within the machine envelope

Homing / Sensing / Video

  • New G-Code for tool length sensing (G120)
  • Independently home multiple motors driving a single axis (Independent Gantry Homing)
  • Single-direction 3D scanning (previously only supported zigzag pattern)
  • Homing switches can be anywhere in the machine envelope (don't have to be at boundaries)
  • Video position correction system

File Management

  • Load and run huge files much more efficiently (loads faster, uses much less RAM)
  • More information displayed when file exceeds machine envelope (display G-Code line number, coordinate, distance beyond envelope)
  • Recent Setup & Tooling files on File menu
  • Improved firmware updating scheme

Windows Management

  • Support for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista,Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • .NET remote interface (e.g. load and run a file, move to a point, etc. from another program written in any .NET language)

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