Innovative Solutions that are Custom Engineered for Your Company’s Success

From aerospace and railway to medical and the oil industry, FlashCut CNC has designed and engineered custom control system solutions to help companies expand their capabilities, simplify their process, increase revenue and excel within their industry.  

Our success and reputation is the result of our talented team of engineers. Together, this experienced team is accomplished in:

•    Multi Axis Motion Control •    Robotic Control
•    Digital and Analog I/O Control •    Factory Floor Automation
•    Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control •    Precision Manufacturing

It is not only our expertise alone that allows us to excel in the CNC industry; it is our unique business model that offers comprehensive automation solutions from the initial design to the final implementation. We truly take an interest in each of our customers to understand their business so we can deliver on-going, quality support and the best possible solutions. This unique approach offers our customers: 

•    Responsiveness with close personal service •    On-time delivery
•    Integrity to deliver our promises •    Robust, turnkey solutions that deliver results
•    Cost effective pricing  

We have built custom applications catering to different industries such as:

•    Oil/Natural Gas •    Jewelry
•    Mining •    Automotive
•    Aerospace •    General Manufacturing
•    Agriculture •    Railway / Transportation
•    Food/Beverage •    Food Processing
•    Textile •    Education
•    Music •    Recreational - Boating, ATV
•    Medical Device •    Recreational - Biking, Skiing, Surfing
•    Dental •    Materials Processing
•    Laboratory Automation  

To learn more about our custom solution support, contact us today at 1-888-883-5274  or direct 1-847-940-9305 and find out how we can take your industrial operations to the next level.