The continued need to build a qualified workforce with the latest technology in school programs is very important to FlashCut CNC. These programs prepare students for technology and manufacturing careers which in turn will lead to a strong economy and a brighter future for everyone. Our controls, retrofits and machines can be found in over a hundred major universities and schools world-wide including MIT, Stanford, Illinois,Michigan, Ohio State and Hong Kong. We are also an integral part of high schools, tech centers and tech museums. These institutions chose FlashCut CNC for its:


FlashCut CNC is at the heart of the Student Machine Shop
at the Ohio State University.

• Ease of use
• Windows compatibility
• Plug and play installation
• Rock-solid robustness
• Industry-leading customer support
• Educational discounts
• Unlimited additional software licenses for entire labs free of charge

To learn how FlashCut CNC can streamline your technology and engineering program, please contact us at (888) 883-5274 or email