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The Machine Tool Envelope is the physical zone that the machine tool can reach. The Machine Coordinates depict where you are in the Machine Tool Envelope at any time. This should be set homing your machine to one corner of the machine. The Machine Zero will be located at this point and the Machine Tool Envelope will be drawn based on the dimensions defined in the Configuration's 'Machine...Axes' page.

There are two main coordinate systems in FlashCut: Machine and Program. The Program Coordinates denote the coordinate system that the G-code commands in a G-Code file will be referring to.

1 The Machine Envelope

  1. The outside of envelope error occurs when the cut program would command the machine to move outside of its allowed area (or the Machine Tool Envelope).
  2. The Program Coordinate system is used to describe where the machine will move to execute the cut program—this will typically be set by the operator manually as new programs are loaded to be run.
  3. The Machine Coordinate system is determined by homing the machine—this means that the coordinates always describe the same place on the machine.

2 Setting X/Y Program Zero

  1. The most common cause of the error is that the X and Y axes are not set so that the entire toolpath stays within the light blue machine envelope.
  2. These axes can be easily zeroed to the current tool position from the Set menu by selecting Zero X and Y.

3 Setting Z Program Zero

  1. This error can also occur if the Z axis has not been appropriately zeroed. In most cases, the Z zero should be at the top of the material.
  2. If your machine is equipped to sense material, jog the sensor above the material and navigate through the Set menu to Sense [tool name] Zero.
  3. Otherwise, jog the tool down to the material and select Set Z Zero in the Set menu.