Your Success Is Our Success

Our team of engineers works directly with our OEM partners to develop powerful and economical CNC solutions tailored toward a given application. These partnerships provide leading-edge advancements that help position our OEM’s as leaders in their industry.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Gemvision is the world-leading provider of technology products for the jewelry industry. Gemvision brings jewelers and technology together with innovative Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) products. For over a decade, FlashCut has helped guide Gemvision machines to make some of the most intricate precision crafted pieces of jewelry in the world.



CNC Machining Centers

Fadec Engineering LLC is a co-owned business among David E. de Caussin (former president of FADAL), Gary Frolka (former foreman of FADAL) and his son Daniel Frolka. Fadec is short for Frolka's ( F ) And (A) de Caussin's ( DEC ). Together the group designs, manufactures and assembles all of their machinery and components. FADEC trusts the Flashcut Pro-Series, Stepper and Servo controls and motors along with our Platinum Series controls and motors to  launch their exciting new product line of machining and turning centers.

Stone Cutting Machines

Based in Sweden, ScandInvent is an internationally recognized manufacturer of compact, clever and affordable stone fabrication machines and stone CNC machinery. ScandInvent’s stone fabrication equipment includes fully automated edge profiling and polishing machines, sink bowl CNC, monumental and memorial engraving CNC and a 5-axis, fully automated, stone CNC saw. Scandinvent’s internationally acclaimed machines have reliably been under FlashCut control for over a decade.

Locomotive Wheel Lathes

The revolutionary CNC Low Profile Locomotive Wheel Lathe from Delta Manufacturing is the precise, portable, and affordable solution to locomotive wheel truing. Railway Wheel Truing and Wheel Profiling System is an effective and accurate machine that allows the rail car wheel sets to be re-profiled and re-trued at the same time. The Wheel Lathe is controlled by a FlashCut CNC Platinum Controller to ensure quality, reliability and safety. Delta Manufacturing and Transportation Authorities world-wide trust FlashCut CNC to keep the trains rolling smooth.

Selective Soldering Machines

RPS Automation designs and manufactures a complete line of high precision selective soldering, lead tinning and component test and steam aging equipment for electronics and circuit board manufacturing and assembly.  RPS chose the FlashCut Pro-Series Servo controls and motors to reliably produce electronic circuit assemblies in production plants around the world.

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