FlashCut V7 CAD/CAM for Plasma, Oxyfuel, Waterjet, Laser


Going from CAD to CAM to CNC has never been easier.  With improved nesting features like multi-sheet and external file management, FlashCut V7 CAD/CAM/CNC is more powerful than ever.  We now have two packages to choose from.  V7 standard makes it easy to draw a part or import it from DXF or an image and then turn it into a tool path with intelligently placed lead ins and the perfect kerf compensation… ready to cut in CNC.  V7 Pro adds many features such as shape library, true shape nesting, multi-sheet nesting, multi-layer color import, auto fix tool, advanced lead-in manipulation, rip cutting and many more features for a fraction of the cost that you normally see included in a $10,000 software program. 
Precision Pipe Cutting
Drawing and cutting pipes has never been easier.  FlashCut Pipe CAD/CAM/CNC lets you design a pipe parametrically, automatically create the toolpath and control your machine to make precision pipe parts, round, square or rectangular, day after day.

Andvanced Features
We also have advanced features such as direct communication with a Hypertherm® plasma and laser pointer support that are available a-la-carte.  The Features tab is a complete list of features.   Call 847-940-9305 or e-mail sales@flashcutcnc.com today for a demo