Problem: If you are using lead-ins, you may have encountered lead-ins beginning on your desired part instead of the material outside the part. Explanation: This is typically caused by the software not understanding which is your part and which is extra material. Because CAM's default mode is "... more
Stepper motor control is the most cost-effective way to control a machine tool. The accuracy is exceptional, and the price is very reasonable. The only limitation is that the maximum speeds for rapid and cutting moves are not as high as for servo control. Servo control uses feedback from an encoder... more
Working in two dimensions (2D) means that you are cutting out a part with features that are all at the same depth. This is common for laser, hot-wire, water jet, and plasma cutting, along with engraving. The FlashCut CNC software's DXF Import feature automates the creation of a tool path from a 2D... more
Microstepping is a motion control method that can help customers achieve very smooth cuts while still using stepper motor technology. The greatest advantages of microstepping include solving noise and resonance problems, and in some cases increasing step accuracy and tool positioning resolution. As... more
The tolerances of our machines vary depending on their application and use of backlash compensation, but listed below are some fairly accurate numbers for you: Mill 2000 and 5400 +/- .001" to .003" Mill 3000 +/- .001" to .002" Mill 7300 and 8300 +/- .00075" to .0015" Mill 9000 and 9100 +/- .0005"... more
Turning off the motor drive box is the simplest and easiest way to enable you to run your motors manually, though at higher manual speeds you may experience a small amount of resistance from back EMF. To eliminate EMF resistance during manual movement, you may disconnect the motors from the drive... more
If you are using FlashCut version 6, open the Help panel from the question mark button in the upper right corner of the main window and then click the button that reads “Build Support File”. If you are using FlashCut version 4.0 or 4.5, click the Build Support File option under Help on the upper... more
FlashCut CNC Support Phone: (847)940-9305 Fax:(847)940-9315 Email:
With FlashCut CNC Version 5.0 and 6.0, you simply change the mechanism type in the Configuration...Machine...Drive Parameters Menu then Choose Drive Mechanism fir the axis you wan to edit. With FlashCut CNC Version 4.0, you simply change the mechanism type in the Configuration...Machine...Drive... more
With FlashCut CNC Version 4.0, you simply change the system units under the Confguration...System...General menu. For older versions a setup file with English units (in) can be converted to metric units (mm) using the methodology described below: Open the Setup File that currently runs your machine... more