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INTL: +1 (847) 940-9305
If you are using FlashCut version 6, open the Help panel from the question mark button in the upper right corner of the main window and then click the button that reads “Build Support File”.



If you are using FlashCut version 4.0 or 4.5, click the Build Support File option under Help on the upper menu bar. Enter any comments or other relevant information into the dialog box that appears and click Continue.


A Save As dialog window will open. Please name your support file with your controller’s serial number and the day’s date, as shown. By default, the location that FlashCut will save to is C:/Flashcut Data/ Support; however, you may save this file in whatever location is most convenient for you. Click save and FlashCut will gather all relevant files needed by technical support to resolve your issue into a .zip archive, such as your configuration settings, your tool settings, and a saved G-Code file. FlashCut will show a confirmation dialog when this process completes.


Once the .zip file is built, open your email and compose a new email to Please enter relevant information such as your version of FlashCut, Windows version, and controller serial number. Then, attach the recently created support file by clicking the Attach or Insert button in your email client. Navigate to the location of the support file (again, the default location of this file is C:/Flashcut Data/ Support ) and click Open.


After attaching the support file, send us the email and our support team will be able to replicate your setup to better find a solution to your issue.