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When diagnosing an issue with one of our support technicians, they might ask you to build a Support File to gather more information about the problem. The Support File contains data such as the drawings that are currently open, the setup parameters of the machine, and a log of the software's activity under the hood.

1 Building a Support File

  1. Open the Help window in the software by clicking the 'question mark' button to the upper right.
  2. Click Build Support File and a 'Save As' dialog box will appear. By default, the Support File will be automatically named with a timestamp and the software version.
  3. After you click the Save button, the software will pack the data into the Support File and—once complete—will show a success message.

2 Sending the Support File

  1. Open your email and compose a new email to the support email address found in the Help window of the software.
  2. Add any relevant information you think will help us in diagnosing the issue.
  3. Click the Attach or Insert button in your email to add the Support File. Navigate to the data folder that the file was saved in and select the file.