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If you are using lead-ins, you may have encountered lead-ins beginning on your desired part instead of the material outside the part.


This is typically caused by the software not understanding which is your part and which is extra material. Because CAM’s default mode is “Features are Parts”, if you’ve drawn a bounding box around your part or parts in CAD, CAM will assume that your parts are cutouts from a larger piece and generate the toolpaths with this in mind. You can see below how the lead-in starts on the bracket. If you look closely, you can also see that the kerf (the cut-width offset) has generated on the inside of the part as well.


There are two solutions to this problem. The simplest approach is to simply go back to CAD and delete any bounding box you have drawn in. This will make CAM understand that your drawing is a part and not a cutout (by default).

If you have not drawn a bounding box or you would like it to remain, you can use the Feature Type on the tool bar to select the appropriate mode. Simply switch from “Features are Parts” mode to “Features are Cutouts”.

After either of these steps, click the CAM reset tool to re-generate the toolpaths.